Do You Feel Like You're the Only Writer Who Doesn't Know Anything About ...

- Video & tech

- Email lists

- Marketing your book and yourself

- Social media

- Balancing all of the above with your writing?

You're not the only one! You are not alone.

I have empirical proof: 

I emailed my peeps and asked, “What can I do for you? What do you want to learn?”  Guess what I learned?

The responses clumped into five distinct groups:

  • Video/tech: how to make videos, what to do with them, how to embed and distribute them, and website/blog issues
  • Email list: how to develop one, run one, and why
  • Marketing your book and yourself: how not to be pushy, how to make your own best opportunities, how to get the biggest bang for your buck
  • Social media: how to use it to your best advantage
  • Balancing it all the above with writing!

So I've Created a Special Writer Business 101

 (no matter what kind you are)

"Crank It Up with Katie!"

We'll cover the basics of all the things in the list above. We'll dip your toes in. Get you comfortable to get you started on your way. Get you crankin'!

  • What is it?

    It’s Group Coaching. That means we all meet in a private video chat room where I’ll teach one topic each week, and you’ll be able to get guidance and ask whatever you need to to get crankin’. Don’t worry, technophobes, everyone will get instructions, hand-holding, and support to get in the group and we’ll do a test run before our first sesh.

  • When's the next session?

    – Four consecutive Thursdays for a minimum of an hour starting at 1pm ET.

    – For this session, we’ll meet January 22,  January 29, February 12 & February 19.

    – Replays of every session will be up through two weeks after the last meeting.

  • Crankin' Tools

    Throughout Crank It Up you’ll receive supplemental support tools to help you … um … crank it up! You’ll be provided with downloadable checklists, guides, and resources on the topics covered.

I want to let you know that your (Crank It Up) classes are just terrific. Show don't tell...that is exactly what you have done. I am grateful. I wasn't born into this tech can be daunting. You have eased some of the self-doubts of moving with it. Thank you.

- Charlet Johnson, J. Camille Cultural Academy

You've made a great start for me at demystifying email lists. You also did a great job of showing, not just telling,  how to use a service like Aweber or Mailchimp. I love your personal enthusiasm - it's contagious!'s obvious you truly understand how people feel who are terrified of all things tech. ... You are VERY good at showing and explaining and coaching.

- Vivan Kirkfield, Picture Books Help Kids Soar

I've learned so much already from your coaching and its been worth every penny of my investment! I'm getting geared up for an onslaught of information this week, too.

- Sandy Williams, Sound of Wings Studio
Yes! Crank My Business NOW!

Business for Writers 101

How can I help you?

Over the last 15 years of working in the world of publishing and marketing, I've collected enough experience and lessons to fill a book. Literally. I wrote the #1 Amazon Best Selling book in Marketing for Small Business How to Promote Your Children's Book - Tips, Tricks & Secrets to Create a Bestseller. After reading my book, Founder & Principal of drydenbks llc and former Vice President, Publisher of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division, Emma Dryden claimed, “All writers should be using this tool!”

Now is your chance to have me focus all my years of experience and expertise on you and your work! It's like having your own personal marketing department. What writer doesn't need that?


Crank It Up with Katie!

A 4-week Group Coaching Session with Answers to Your Burning Questions

Yes! Crank My Business NOW!

You can get your money back after the first session, after that you can quit any time without a refund, but why would you want to quit? It's going to be awesommmme! We're going to crank it! Fees may change at any time.


What have others said about getting help from Katie?

I've helped these writers. I can help you too.

Katie is smart, savvy and very generous. She helped me realize I could tackle a whole variety of new (to me) marketing strategies/tools without becoming intimidated by the technology. Because of Katie, I’ve now got a more logical and much broader plan for promoting my up-coming book, I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Dreidel. Her warmth and focus as well as her astonishing command of all social media make her a gift to any author. I’m so glad I found Katie!

- Caryn Yacowitz, Author, Playwright, Speaker

Katie’s positive attitude is infectious. She inspired me to be braver and smarter in my approach to marketing, and showed me specific ways I can make improvements.

- Prudence Breitrose, Author of Mousenet

Thank you for your time (and overtime) during our consultation today.  I really appreciate all of the information that you shared, and can’t wait to explore and implement some of your ideas to improve my marketing and social media presence.  Yes, maybe I’ll even tweet.  The information in the packet and all of the info I’ve gotten from your site and newsletters have opened my eyes to many new aspects of self-publishing.  Your generosity in putting all of this together for new authors is much appreciated.

- Pat Mervine, Author of How Katie Got Her Voice (and a Cool New Nickname)

As a newly published author of The Museum, it has been necessary to build my platform. Navigating the world of technology and utilizing it in a way that makes sense as an author has been a daunting task. In over my head, I reached out to Katie Davis for consultation and guidance. Katie was able to take all of my goals and outline a way to prioritize and attain them. As part of her services she created a “consultation packet” filled with information relating to each goal. Where to get stock photos, how to use social media, ways to get people to my website and how to keep them interested as well as information about school visits and author events. Katie’s wealth of knowledge and technological skill have been instrumental in putting me on the right path. I appreciated the way Katie provided options and ideas but always came back to what I wanted and what I could manage making my journey my own. I highly recommend Katie Davis’s services. She is efficient, knowledgeable, highly skilled and extremely generous. I am continuing my work with Katie as I go on this journey… next stop Video Idiot Boot Camp! Thank you Katie.

- Susan Verde, Author of The Museum

Katie Davis is a kidlit expert, not to mention social media wizard. I hired her to go over my children’s picture book Kickstarter campaign. She shared a wealth of information, which I implemented into my project. It’s now more clear and concise. Katie is warm and funny and lives her  motto of reciprocity. It made my day when I heard her talk about my Kickstarter project on her podcast. Thank you, Katie!

- Sue Shanahan, Author and Illustrator of Glory in the Morning

Last year I drove over 2 hours each way to hear Katie Davis speak about social media and I was not disappointed. So when I was matched with her for my NetWit Social Media and Promotion Consultation, I eagerly anticipated an informative and interesting meeting. As I expected, she was very helpful and in a short period of time, I learned a variety of new things I could implement. Katie explains things with a “can do perspective” that is very encouraging in a somewhat daunting arena – taking on the latest in technology to market my books effectively. I highly recommend her!

- Debbie Blackington, Author of Gracie's Ears

I had a consulting session with Katie Davis today. She's a wonderful mentor, full of ideas that work. From manuscript edits to social media skills, Katie is an inspiring model for how to become a successful author. Her critiques are professional, practical and courteous. Help yourself. Book Katie and learn from an expert that's fun and knowledgable.

- Gayle Swift, Author of ABC, Adoption and Me

This is the only way you can get me in a regular group coaching situation now. My one-on-one coaching is available here for $1,300 for a four-pack session or $6,500 for a six month commitment (but I take very few one-on-one clients now). Crank it Up is a steal. Steal from me now!

Yes! Crank My Business NOW!